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SlideMate AS On-Demand Slide Printer | Epredia
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Accuracy made easy

Accurate, efficient labeling workflows are achievable with the SlideMate AS on-demand slide printer.

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  • Reduce Patient Identification Errors

  • Avoid the issues endemic to hand-labeled slides with the Epredia SlideMate AS on-demand slide printer. Its single-piece workflow prints high-quality, chemically resistant text, numbers and barcodes directly onto slides with excellent readability and consistency.
  • Enhance Lean Workflow

  • With a compact footprint engineered to fit comfortably next to a microtome, integrated color touch screen, intuitive interface, and easily adjustable print optimization settings for different slide types, the SlideMate AS is smartly designed to enhance efficiency in your lab.
  • Connect Easily

  • SlideMate AS printers can be configured quickly for reliable connections to other computers or a Laboratory Information System with Ethernet, USB-A, USB-B capabilities as well as Gateway Software.

Download LabWriter Software

| Version 4.6

Labwriter Software is designed for use with Epredia cassette and microscope slide labeling products for Laboratory Information connectivity.

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View Video: Steps for cleaning and maintenance

Discover the steps for cleaning your SlideMate AS slide printer. Experience an easy to follow tutorial on daily and weekly maintenance to reduce the build-up of glass dust and shards.

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