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Revos® Tissue Processor | Epredia
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Efficienct Workflow-Enhancing Tissue Processor

Decrease bottlenecks in laboratories by accelerating the workflow.

With the Revos™ workflow-enhancing tissue processor, your workflow can experience multiple improvements.

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  • Rapid processing
  • Enhance the distribution of reagents with our unique canted chamber that allows for high- quality processing results.
  • Intelligent monitoring
  • Use reagents more efficiently with the instrument’s intelligent reagent management system that tracks and logs all reagent usage. Plus, keep track of protocols, service performed and bottles that are loaded.
  • Safe environment
  • The Revos instrument’s dual-filtration system and down-draft ventilation helps protect laboratory staff by controlling both solvent and formalin fumes
Revos Tissue Processor

The accuracy of patient tests often hinges upon proper preparation and consistency.

Paired with Syntri Service and reagents featuring Syntri Safeguard RFID technology, the Revos tissue processor tracks and logs reagent usage – helping to reduce downtime and facilitating efficient use of reagents.

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