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Digital Pathology for Remote Clinical


Title: Digital Pathology Solutions for Remote Clinical Use in the Era of COVID 19

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Program Information

The COVID-19 situation has not surprisingly posed challenges for clinical diagnostic workflows in the United States. However, an opportunity for digital pathology solutions to enable remote workflow situations is now possible, thanks to the FDA’s recent guidance to temporarily allow solutions that have not received clearance through the 510(K) process. What exactly is the FDA’s guidance and how could a remote workflow even be possible? Learn more in this informative webinar, along with a new 3DHISTECH digital pathology solution from Epredia.

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Presenter Information

Andrew Dunn, Senior Global Portfolio Manager - Diagnostics and Archiving, Epredia

Andrew Dunn is the Sr. Global Portfolio Manager for Diagnostics and Archiving at Epredia (former Anatomical Pathology Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific). Within this portfolio, that he has managed since 2018, are the 3DHISTECH digital pathology solutions portfolio. Prior to Epredia, Andrew spent 13 years with Thermo Fisher Scientific in various research and clinical-focused divisions. Andrew lives in Philadelphia, PA and received his Bachelor of Science from Drexel University and his MBA in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing from St. Joseph’s University.

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