Prepare your laboratory for the future with digital pathology solutions from 3DHISTECH™ and Epredia™

When slides need to be scanned for consultation or analysis, having choices in capacity, speed, and magnification are critical. The slide scanners from 3DHISTECH are designed to bring digital pathology to any lab, and allow for real-time slide image sharing between pathologists and researchers.

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  • Whole-slide scanners that accurately capture minute details at high resolution and incredible speeds.
  • Software systems that enable collaboration across laboratories and industries.
  • Tissue microarrayers enabling high-efficiency processing and high-density storage.
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Whole-Slide Scanners

The difference is clear

The 3DHISTECH Pannoramic family offered by Epredia is a comprehensive range of digital slide scanners. From an affordable single-slide model to high-speed 1000-slide capacity units, high-quality brightfield to versatile brightfield and fluorescent in the same instrument – we offer systems designed to fit the needs of today’s leading laboratories.

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Pannnoramic 1000

Pannoramic 1000

When speed is your need. Free up your laboratory’s resources with the new Pannoramic 1000 – the high-throughput whole-slide scanning solution.

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Pannnoramic 250 FLASH III

Pannoramic 250 FLASH III

3DHISTECH Pannoramic 250 Flash III, an all-in-one solution for digital pathology research and storage. Enjoy increased speed and efficiency in routine digital pathology with 60 slides per hour!

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Pannnoramic Scan II

Pannoramic SCAN II

Save time in routine pathology and enjoy both brightfield and fluorescent scanning solution in the same machine

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Pannoramic MIDI II

Pannoramic MIDI II

A versatile, low-volume digital pathology solution for smaller labs.

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Pannoramic DESK II

Pannoramic DESK II

An excellent choice for teleconsultation and remote section scanning.

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Tissue Microarrays

Tissue microarrays are revolutionizing high-throughput processing.

Fully automated Tissue Microarraying (TMA) allows laboratories to condense a user-defined number of core samples into a single block. Save time, reagents, and storage space while achieving more standardized laboratory conditions.

Product Overview

TMA Master + Pannoramic Scanners

Discover new levels of efficiency and consistency with a complete 3DHISTECH solution

TMA Master + Pannoramic Scanners
Validation of an Off-the-Shelf, Diet‑Induced NASH Mouse Model

Using Digital Whole Slide Scanning of Liver Tissue and AI-Enabled, Quantitative Histopathological Analysis

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