High resolution.
High durability.

Fa-Tech® VEGA™
Laser Cassette Printer

The Fa-Tech® VEGA™ Laser Cassette Printer distributed by Epredia™ offers permanent, indelible marking of tissue cassettes.

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An advantage that’s easy to see

The Fa-Tech VEGA cassette printer produces permanent, 600 dpi, human-readable and barcode-identifiable images that remain indelible. The printer’s two-dimensional barcode can contain up to 100 alphanumeric characters.

Positive identification of the cassettes

The VEGA laser technology ensures cassettes are permanently marked and positively identified, from grossing through to archiving. The VEGA laser’s unique phase-change technology employs an innovative, low-power YAG laser that activates a chemical compound embedded in the cassettes’ plastic to create a permanent, crisp and indelible marking.

Enhance your workflow while saving on consumables

The compact VEGA system marks cassettes at a rate of one every five seconds. The six-hopper carousel can hold up to six different cassette colors simultaneously making this unit a fully automated solution to fit the needs of many laboratories. The VEGA technology eliminates the need for print heads, ink cartridges, ribbon, and UV fixing lights.

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