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Labsat Research - Overview | Epredia
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Labsat Research Overview


Title: LabSat Reseach Microfluidic Innovation Delivers Multiplexing IF/ IHC Rapidly

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Program Information

The LabSat® Research is the newest addition to the Epredia Immunohistochemistry portfolio! This innovative platform represents a breakthrough technology using microfluidics applied to advanced tissue staining. Join us today to learn how this platform can help advance your research project.

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Epredia is an authorized distributor of LabSat® Research in the: United States, United Kingdom, and Germany; Japan coming soon. For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Presenter Information

Barbara Cahil, Sr. Global Portfolio Manager- IHC, Cytology and SA Consumables, Epredia

Barbara Cahill is the Sr. Global Portfolio Manager for Immunohistochemistry, Consumables and Cytology at Epredia, a global precision cancer diagnostics company working to improve patient outcomes by providing groundbreaking technologies. Barbara is an accomplished marketer who has accelerated new product development initiatives in the life sciences and self-care industries for almost 20 years. Her experiences enable her to transform and lead with market disruptive technologies that personally and professionally align with Epredia’s mission and vision to improve lives by enhancing precision cancer diagnostics.

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