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Throughout the year, you can find us around the world at conferences, industry events, tradeshows and webinars. Find an upcoming event near you.


European Association for Haematopathology

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September 17-22, 2022

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Florence, Italy

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EAHP-SH will take place in Florence, Italy, from 17–22 September 2022. We will come together to advance the care for patients with diseases of the hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues, hear innovative ideas and begin to understand how our future is being shaped by them.

Due to the ongoing pandemic the congress will take place as a hybrid meeting.

Wicked STEM

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September 24, 2022

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Milford, New Hampshire

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Epredia values the education of STEM and the impact one can make in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with the community and youth. At this event Epredia will discuss open opportunities, career paths and how you can make a difference in the evolving and growing field of anatomical pathology with global precision cancer diagnostics.

2022 NSH Convention

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October 14-19, 2022

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Reno, Nevada

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The NSH Convention forms the largest educational event of its kind working to advance and promote the histology profession. NSH is the premier source of learning, knowledge and future-oriented research for histology professionals. Attendance provides resources, education, ideas and advocacy to enhance the performance in the laboratory and ultimately the best patient care. The convention features dynamic learning formats including hands on Learning Labs, lecture style workshops and panels and focused training on a specific technique in the form of Express.

Pathology Visions 2022

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October 16-18, 2022

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Las Vegas, Nevada

The Pathology Visions Conference will give you the opportunity to learn about real-world, practical applications in the ever-evolving field of digital pathology. The Digital Pathology Association’s annual meeting will give you direct access to industry leaders, your choice of cutting-edge workshops with distinguished trade visionaries, the chance to see the latest product solutions, and much more.

Belgian Week of Pathology

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October 21-22, 2022

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Brussels, Belgium

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The Belgian Week of Pathology announces the 12th edition at the Tangla Hotel in Brussels. The Key Note topic this year will be Urologic Pathology provided by some of the European leading expert uropathologists: Prof. Dr. Yves Allory (Institut Curie, France) and Prof. Dr. Arno van Leenders (Rotterdam, Netherlands). Epredia will be at C7 showcasing the latest in state-of-the art laser cassette printing with Fa-Tech™ Vega, and thermal transfer slide printing with SlideMate Pro™.
YourPath On Demand Webinar Series

Tired of Manual Staining? Meet the LabSat® Research Platform

Want to learn how to achieve IHC assays in 30 minutes and multiplex assays in 2.5 hours? In this webinar, you will discover the LabSat® Research platform - a rapid reagent delivery system that utilizes unique microfluidic technology for dramatic assay time reduction. The reagents travel through the system and are pushed into the staining chamber. Thanks to the Fast Fluidic Exchange technology (FFeX), an active flow of reagents produces a fast exchange at the tissue surface, reducing the required incubation times. Learn how this breakthrough platform can deliver your research results rapidly while meeting your high quality and usability standards as a true research staining solution.

Epredia is an authorized distributor of LabSat® Research in the: United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures
YourPath On Demand Webinar Series

On Demand Webinar: Exhibitor Seminar: Epredia - Multiplex immunofluorescence IHC is a powerful technique to address increasing research needs in immuno-oncology to better understand tumor environment

In this webinar, we present a case study of a multiplex immunofluorescent staining procedure using the LabSat® Research platform and TSA staining reagents to achieve remarkably fast and high-quality results. We also show how you can create a more on-demand workflow by combining rapid immunohistochemistry with digital pathology and reduce your total time by 50-60%, boosting your lab’s efficiency and promoting more consistency in collaborative research.
YourPath On Demand Webinar Series

On Demand Webinar: Exploring the H in H&E Staining - Working Together to Enhance Your Workflow

An introduction to H&E staining and the workflow.
Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining is deeply engrained into the practice of histology, but how much do you know about the “H” in H&E? In this webinar, we will explore the history and formulations of hematoxylin with a veteran of histology with over 30 years of experience, Joan Vesey, HT ASCP from Kalamazoo, MI. You will also discover how Epredia’s Signature Series H&E stains are uniquely formulated to achieve crisp, clear stains time and time again with Stacie Jackson, Global Market Development Manager – Staining and Coverslipping at Epredia.
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YourPath On Demand Webinar Series

On Demand Webinar: LabSat® Research Microfluidic Innovation Delivers Multiplexing IF/IHC Rapidly

The LabSat® Research is the newest edition to the Epredia Immunohistochemistry portfolio! This innovative platform represents a breakthrough technology using microfluidics applied to advanced tissue staining. Join us today to learn how this platform can help advance your research project.
YourPath On Demand Webinar Series

On Demand Webinar: IHC Rapidly: Microfluidic Innovation Delivers IHC within 30 Minutes

The Lunaphore LabSat® Research represents a breakthrough technology using microfluidics applied to advanced tissue staining and is the newest edition to the Epredia Immunohistochemistry portfolio. This technology, called Fast Fluidic Exchange, enables rapid advanced staining techniques including IHC, immunofluorescence, and multiplexing. Please join us to discover how Lunaphore LabSat® Research can enable your research goals.
YourPath On Demand Webinar Series

On Demand Webinar: Digital Pathology Solutions for Remote Clinical Use in the Era of COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation has not surprisingly, posed challenges for clinical diagnostic workflows in the United States. However, an opportunity for digital pathology solutions to enable remote workflow situations is now possible, thanks to the FDA’s recent guidance to temporarily allow solutions that have not received clearance through the 510(K) process. What exactly is the FDA’s guidance and how could a remote workflow even be possible? Learn more in this informative webinar, along with a new 3DHISTECH digital pathology solution from Epredia.
YourPath On Demand Webinar Series

On Demand Webinar: How to Enhance Lab Efficiency with Slide Printing

For labs large or small, clinical or research-based, efficiency is paramount. It directly impacts diagnostic results as well as the integrity of research validation. Boosting efficiency starts with reducing human error, and one of the most impactful ways to do this is by doing away with the outdated practice of hand labeling slides. In this webinar, you will discover how modern slide printers use intelligent slide selection to automatically read requested slide type and pull from the appropriate hopper, taking the guesswork out of slide labeling and saving labs and staff precious time while simultaneously enhancing patient safety and data integrity. You will also learn more about the Epredia slide and printing family of solutions and get a first look at our latest, most adaptable slide printer, the SlideMate Pro.
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This product is not available in all regions. Please reach out to your local sales representative for more information.
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