Updated: April 28, 2020

At Epredia, the health of our employees, customers and the patients they serve is core to our mission.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought rapid changes affecting businesses across the globe. As a leading provider of solutions to laboratories and other medical facilities, we will remain in operation throughout the duration of this event.

Our employees are dedicated to your teams. Likewise, we are dedicated to them. All personnel who are able to work from home are required to do so. For those who work in manufacturing or other environments requiring an on-site presence, we have implemented strict social distancing, cleaning and safety protocols.

We are here for you. Currently, all of our facilities are operational and continuing production. A common issue across industries has been transportation, with enhanced screening putting pressure on road shipments at borders and the decline in the number of commercial flights affecting air freight availability. Although these are not directly impacting our ability to supply products, they may have an impact on supply in certain markets.

This is a highly dynamic environment, Epredia has contingency plans in place to ensure the products you need are in stock and available for order. As the pandemic evolves, so will our actions. Please continue to visit this site for ongoing communications from our team.

What won’t change is our dedication to and gratitude for our customers who work every day to improve the lives of patients. What you do matters, now more than ever.

Thank you.